Saturday 30 July 2011

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

The title just about sums up how things have been over the last couple of weeks - and that's how I like it (I'm easily bored!) I'll share some images of the things I've been working on, shall I?

2 'secret' collages. This one was commissioned by a friend - for his wife's birthday (it's their beautiful house in Cambridgeshire).

The second one was a gift for my mother-in-law's birthday. It's a small collage of Kastro on Skiathos where we all went on holiday last year.

I was delighted to be asked by Lucy of Attic 24 to make a driftwood sculpture for her (click on the image and you'll notice the number on the door.) Her blog is an absolute joy - if you are not familiar with it, firstly where have you been? and secondly get over there right away!! (unless you wish to finish reading this post first!)

I've also been making some brooches! It started off with this owl which I made for Herbie's pre-school teacher...

Then some foxes...

And a peacock on request!

We all went to a little girl's birthday party yesterday so I made her a matching card and brooch set!

I love making these stitched cards: last week I had fun creating this one...

and I was looking at it and had an idea - which led to this!

Quite pleased with this cheerful design - I'd like to see how it looks as a print, but I think it will work really well as a printed greeting card. What do you think?

Phew! Well I think that's quite enough for one post! The weather has been glorious here for the first week of the school holidays - long may it last! Guess where we're off to today?

Yup - to 61A of course!! Have a fab weekend folks!


  1. You've been busy. Love the collages as always I'm so envious I wish I could create like you, I have been practising but.........may I show you my effort sometime?
    Love the cards too.
    Have a good weekend
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. Of course, Julie! I'd love to see!

  3. Oh, where to start ... love it all. How you even set about making your beautiful collages makes my little brain whirr!

    Adore Lucy's sculpture and, the elephant rainbow, yes, yes, both print and card.


  4. Great work, as always. I absolutely LOVE that house collage though, what a wonderful present x

  5. Agree totally with bibbitybob about the cottage collage- amazing. Send some sun up to Cambridge please- it's been so grey here this week. Enjoy your time at 61A, Ax

  6. Your collages are really awesome -- have fun at 61A

  7. so many lovely things, the secret cottage is really fabulous!

  8. Oh lovely, lovely bits and pieces you've been working on. Thanks for sharing.
    Anne xx

  9. Lots of gorgeousness here, especially the collages. I'm off to Skiathos myself this year so very interested in that one

  10. utterly lovely, you are soo talented and it's great to see your imagination and creativity making beautiful things. Thanks for the lovely pics

  11. Lovely....
    Yes, I think the cards would be fab printed, and I especially like the brooch idea, one lucky little lady!


  12. you are one talented lady! Your artwork is beautiful but I really love the fox brooch!! I love it when inspiration works like that..from one thing to the next. I often find it hard to actually complete a ppiece of art or project because I get so sidetracked by new ideas. Fav stuff, have a good weekend, Lisa :)

  13. also, I make cards in a similar way, I did a few posts about last month I think (I have no idea how to put a link in??)!? I love the way the needle crunches through the paper! Definately try printing it, Ive been planning on doing that with some of mine, please let me know if you find a good printing company (! cheers x

  14. Love all of it, especially the 'stacked' elephants and yes, they would make excellent printed cards or prints!
    I love the foxes too!

    Have a lovely sunny week,
    Sandie xx

  15. beautiful new works, always refreshing to view!

  16. you've been really busy. And with beautiful result…

  17. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous work! I love your collage of your friends cottage and the fox brooches, fab!

  18. Ooh you've been a busy lady of late haven't you? While Ive been pootling about in a very lazy manner down Suffolk you've been working your socks off!! Time for a well deserved holiday hurrah!! Hope you have a good time, love J xxx

  19. Wow, your things are all really lovely. The sea is such an inspiration isn't it? I live on the Pembrokeshire coast and never fail to be inspired by it, but how lovely to see new ideas. Thanks