Thursday 14 July 2011

Recycled paper helmet

Morning folks! As everybody knows, the school holidays are fast approaching (I don't like this time of year, it makes me realise how quickly time is flying by, now another school year has passed!) I thought I'd share a very easy project with you (especially those of you with boys). Disclaimer: whilst I'd love to say this is my own clever design, it was actually published in the (now sadly defunct) Comic section of the Saturday guardian.

To start, tape together two sheets of a newspaper (along the long side).

Fold the lower right corner to the vertical centre crease.

Repeat with the top right corner. Rotate so that the triangle is pointing downwards.

The fold the triangular section upwards.

Turn the paper over. Fold both bottom corners to the centre line.

Fold the top flap over.

Fold this piece in half again. Your paper should look like this! Still with me?! Now turn the paper over from top to bottom.

Fold the outer flaaps towards each other, opening the helmet. Tuck one flap into the other and secure with sticky tape.

We added some strips of newspaper to the crown for a bit of decoration....
...and ta-da! Your helmet is ready for action!

Model: Herbie


  1. that is so cool! I have 2 boys here who will love one...although I have hidden their swords after going into the garden and finding all my foxgloves lying decapitated on the floor! lou x

  2. Looks like the holidays are going to be fun for young and old alike!

    Sandie xx

  3. Such a nice and easy idea!
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wish my boys were still little - I'll have to remember it for my grandson!
    Julie xxxxxx

  5. Hi Kirtsy, David (7) reckons the helmet looks awesome ! : ))
    Amanda x

  6. Thats awesome, My boy is too old for this but i'm sure if I painted pink on it my 7 year old daughter would love it ;o)

  7. .....or you could have bought something in plastic for $45! LOL This is great. Something any little kid would enjoy.

  8. That's so lovely. He looks very sweet! X

  9. My mum used to make these for me on rainy days, I used to colour them with wax crayons... Mine was princess hat with a bit of lace or net curtain attached...... Thanks for reminding me of happy times ~ Julie