Friday 12 August 2011

Hello Campers!

We're back (albeit temporarily) from the first part of our little camping holiday.... and where better to stay than right here in Cornwall? I'm not going to bore you with zillions of holiday snaps, but I've put a few in collage form - just in case you'd like to have a little nosey!

This one is of the scenery - just check out the colour of the sea...just like being abroad!!

And this one is a few colourful snippets which for me sums up our stay...

We actually stayed at Sennen which is near Land's End. One morning we glimpsed a yacht race from our campsite - with the Scilly Isles in the distance - and it provided the inspiration for my dad's birthday card which I made this morning...inbetween about a dozen loads of washing!

Next we're off up to Herefordshire to do a bit of family canoeing on the River if you don't mind, I'll share some more photos on our return!
Have a fine weekend folks!


  1. Lucky dad! Sounds like you are having a terrific holiday in an exciting area.

  2. Looks just perfect!

  3. Looks like you're having a great time - enjoy the canoeing!

  4. Love hearing a little about the area my ancestors are from. Thanks for the visual postcards.
    -Robin (Rodda) Kent
    Is Rodda a familiar surname in that area? Not so around here.

  5. Hi Robin - Rodda is a very familiar name around here because of Rodda's Clotted Cream! Do you even have clotted cream in your country? I wonder if you are related to our Rodda dynasty!!

  6. Hey Kirsty, what beautiful scenery. Looks like you had some lovely weather for your holiday.............

    i imagine there will be some lovely collages from some of these pics.

    Enjoy your canoeing,

    Claire :}

  7. Beautiful colours! Our camping colours were a tad muted - more on the grey and soggy variety :)

  8. Love the photo's, we just returned from a two week trip to Cornwall which was lovely, My son's favorite beach is Sennen, we always need to go visit when we are in the West Country. Enjoy canoeing....

  9. Great photos! Have a fantastic part two of your hols look forward to seeing more snaps! X

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