Friday 24 February 2012

New work: Tobermory

So this week I left my beloved Cornwall behind - though only in a virtual sense, you understand - and headed up to Scotland to carry out this commissioned piece of Tobermory. Some of you may be familiar with the place, especially if I tell you that this colourful town is where the childrens TV series "Balamory" is filmed!

I would love to visit for real one day!

Next week, I am off to Wales! I have another order for a pretty town on the coast. Can you guess where that might be, I wonder?

Have a most excellent weekend folks xx


  1. Hard to guess with all of Wales but I'm going to go for Tenby...

    Love Tobermory (the collage and the Womble)

  2. Once again, these are beautiful. I love the way you capture the depth of the reflections so well. Gosh Balamory takes me back about 7 years! we were buying a tall pink house at the time and even our surveyor refered to it as Archie's castle in his report!!

  3. You've captured Tobermory to a T!! Are heading to Llandudno?

  4. How exciting!! I think Conway castle?

    Fleur xx

  5. That is so cool. I have such fond memories of Tobermory and your work is fabulous

  6. Tobermory, what a great name. For a town and a Womble. Wonder if there is a town called Uncle Bulgarius?

    Your work, as always, is splendid.


  7. Your commissions shown to the right are as beautiful as anything done with paint. Such talent!

  8. I've been to Tobermory, lovely place!
    You've captured the essence of the place and dare I say, even the light!

    Now, where in Wales....Saundersfoot?

    Enjoy, wherever you go!

    Sandie xx

  9. Absolutely gorgeous
    Julie xxxxxxx

  10. Love it! You must visit someday.mull is very beautiful we keep going back every year.I wonder if you will do Aberaeron in Wales.perfect for your amazing collages! Jo x

  11. Portmeirion? Love this one Kirsty x

  12. Love your collages - I'm guessing Aberaeron too.

  13. Oh, the reflections in the water are just wonderful!

  14. Hi Kirsty - you've been tagged on my blog. Sorry! x

  15. Those are very evocative - and great to look at! Just discovered you on the Plushies/Ragdoll site on Etsy, where I have been unforgivably absent for some months (my fault entirely!) Vowing to be a better member of the team, I'm inviting you to visit my blog ( where I post about my toys and then try to sell them at I'd love to see you there, and meanwhile, will be following you. Love these pictures, and I'm not usually a picture friendly person!