Saturday 21 May 2011

A quick hello!

Just touching base to say Hi and give you the lastest! I'm so sorry if I haven't got around in blogland much recently - I promise I will catch up properly after the Royal Cornwall Show.

Anyway I've been stitching some more pictures to sell....

I sewed some glass beads on for this handsome fellow's 'crown'...

I seem to have accumulated polka dot cotton in every single colour!

Any stitchings that didn't make the grade or were too small for the frames have been made into one-off cards.

I just collected some work from the framers: above is my latest collage...

...and finally - remember these? I got them framed at long last! And pretty pleased how they turned out too!
Have a fab weekend one and all!


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  2. Your pictures are wonderful, I especially love the cow. I hope you do well at the Royal Cornwall Show. Abby x

  3. Oh, I just love the chickens, they are so chickeny if you know what i mean.
    Emma x

  4. I find your work so original....good luck with the show.

  5. wow you are so industrious! Love the animals, they're sure to go down well at the Royal Cornwall Show!

    Kate x

  6. everything looks great - I think you will be a sellout!

  7. Great stitching love the running chicken

  8. Those pictures look great! x

  9. Brilliant work Kirsty, should go done a treat at the show.

    I am loving the calf, we have some new arrivals in our paddock and they are just soooo cute.

    The peacock and poultry are wonderful too.........

    Claire :}

  10. Love the red cow! What a lovely expression on it's face!

    Sandie xx

  11. These are AWESOME. Your work just get better and better. Good luck at the show.
    Anne xx

  12. If you don't sell out, I'll eat my lavender fish!
    Gorgeous work
    Katie x

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