Thursday 13 January 2011

More cottages

I am having an absolute ball this week! Feeling very motivated and enjoying developing new ideas around the cottage theme. I have put my sewing machine to one side and dusted off my paint brushes instead!

Last week I came across this small piece of driftwood which I painted and scratched to create a sweet little cottage. Originally I had intended it for a simple card, but found it was too bulky and heavy. So then I had the idea of doing a whole row of them and framing them, rather like my driftwood beach huts.

Here's the result...

I rubbed some yellow ochre on the roofs, to give it a bit of a St Ives feel!

Then, whilst rooting around in the shed this morning, I found a couple of offcuts from other projects - and it seems they were made for each other! The blue piece here is exactly the right size for the roof - with a little bit of overhang!

Very Cornish, wouldn't you say?!

I also found this lovely long rounded piece of wood, so I thought I'd do a terrace!

The lines are created by putting a layer of oil pastel under the coloured paint - then when you scratch it, the pastel colour (in this case white) shows through.

It's ready to hang on the wall, and will go in my Folksy shop tomorrow, the light's just terrible again today!
BTW, the stitched piece in my last post is sold! Yippee!


  1. These are so cool and creative! I love seeing your new stuff, keep it coming! :)

  2. What can I say? Simply wonderful, Kirsty!
    Your huts travelled me right off to the summer!
    It must be so rewarding to start off the New Year so creatively!
    I wish you have loooots of new ideas and inspiration all through the year !

  3. I love them! I agree with Rose above - wonderful and very summery!

  4. These look great. I don't know about Cornwall, but they are exactly like our fishing cottages in the East Neuk of Fife (near St Andrews)too.

  5. Wow! Your 'Mojo' is in full swing gal!
    Love 'em all.
    I must say the rounded piece could have been a caravan or VW campervan LOL! See, you got me thinking of all the possibilities of a piece of driftwood now!
    I could just picture the framed piece as an actual row of cottages.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Sandie xx

  6. Nice one Cyril. You've played a blinder again, Ax

  7. Well now, who beat me to the stitched piece from last post?? Piddlesticks!! I hope another such creation will come along soon, Kirsty? Please?
    And these cottages are divine!!
    I love that you are so amazingly creative at the moment and having such fun imagining and creating all these lovelies - keep them coming !!!!!!!
    I'll have to check out your folksy on a daily basis now ;-)
    Happy days dear
    D x

  8. Wonderful work! Love the quirkyness of your pieces.

  9. Hello Kirsty! You have made again so adorable things with wood and fabric! I like so much your creations and your way to see piece of wood, rusty nail etc. Nice to see you in the magazine! You have got beautiful presents and that old box is a treasure!
    Sunny wishes from Teje

  10. They are absolutely brilliant, they are wonderful I just love them
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  11. i am visiting your lovely blog again -
    this time via the link on Jenny Arnott's blog.

    your beach huts really are wonderful.

    millie xx

  12. These driftwood cottages are wonderful! I've just booked a family holiday in St Ives for this summer - I've never been there, so I hope I will like it! Just wondered if you had a shop, the physical sort??

  13. they are very lovely indeed. they reminded me of all the lovely little fishing villages in Fife too

  14. You really do have the most vivid imagination -- love them

  15. I love the terrace and the white house with blue roof. I feel immediately inspired to create my own - hope you don't mind!