Tuesday 11 January 2011

Something new...

Hi guys, thought I'd share some photos of a new project I've been working on. So good to be designing again after making so many owls and robins in the lead up to Christmas!

It started off with me having a little play on my sewing machine...

I thought these Cornish cottages were quite cute, so decided to create a complete harbour scene, complete with some driftwood boats...

I think this house is my favourite!

I kind of like the way the front boat sits on the mount itself - it's different! (The 'buoys' are drawing pin heads)

Another detail...

And, for anyone who can't decide what county we're in, check out the name on this little boat! (I don't like to take myself too seriously!

I enjoyed myself immensely making this piece - and have gone full circle as it were: these new cards are in my Folksy shop.

The framed piece will go on sale soon - just need to work out a price, which is always the tricky part!

Thanks for looking! Hope you're having a good week xx


  1. Hello dear!
    Oh, just look at your new creation - you are full of creativity! I love the combination of applique and driftwood - it makes my heart sing, truly :-)
    Please make more of this sort of thing!
    And thank you for posting about this, as I am in need of inspiration today :-)
    Happy days to you,
    Denise x

  2. Oh Kirsty, the framed houses are stunning. As soon as you decided on a price, let me know. Maybe it doesn't find its way to your shop ;-)) You have to make more of these scenes. And I'm sure the cards will sell soon! Hope you're enjoying the sun today? Love, Gertie

  3. What ho my lovely!
    As ever I am in awe of your gorgeous work, you clever creative lady. I am sitting here with my magic bean box trying to get some inspiration but not really succeeding. Mrs Bun, more tea and a biscuit needed I think. Maybe that will kick start our inspiration!
    Am off to window shop on folksy now, Happy Tuesday, Ax

  4. Woot! Lovely and fresh - gorgeous idea to make a harbour scene, and the colours are great, very coastal. Also like the mixed media element of the driftwood and wording, nice touch, especially the name of the boat..Pasty...nice one!

    Love Julia x x x

  5. Ooooooo, glorious work Kirsty. I really like how you've combined fabric and driftwood. The cards are lovely too. Thank you for sharing your creativity.
    Anne xx

  6. Soooo lovely..loving the drift wood!
    And your cards are gorgeous..im sure they will sell like hotcakes!
    TFS Clare @ Weekend Crafter x

  7. Gorgeous work and I am loving the cornish pasty reference too!! ;)

    Micki x

  8. Gorgeous with a capital G! x

  9. I like the same house as you, also the one with the white spotted roof, wouldn't it be fun to really have a spotted roof?! Mind you, with all the gulls, most harbour houses probably have LOL!
    It is truly refreshing work and makes me want to live in your neck of the woods even more! Sigh...

    Sandie xx

  10. I wish I had as much inspiration as you - want to pass some my way please ?

  11. so wonderful!!!! love the new creation of fabric houses and harbour scene with driftwood boats ;0)...sooo lovely!..oh and the cards tooo.
    such a wonderful talent you have x

  12. So cute, what lovely work. I like the little house with the checked roof it is the one I would like to live in.

    How cool would that be to have a checked or dotty roof...

  13. Oh what a happy day I stumbled onto your blog. I have a beach house in Anacortes Wa USA, This is in the San Juan Islands between Vancouver BC Canada and Seattle Wa
    I love all your blog and all your whimsies that you create. Happy Jolly Winter to you.

  14. Fabulous harbour scene - love it! And the cards are so cute!

  15. Beautiful! I have to have me a go at this free motion embroidery lark!

  16. I love your new picture,my parents used to live in padstow and it reminds me of holidays there..lovely

  17. Oh that picture of Cornwall is so pretty. I wish I was as artistic as you
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  18. Kirsty, I love it! That picture is like looking out of the window - absolutely Cornish through and through. Well done you x

  19. Gorgeous framed piece - i LOVE it! That's right up my street!

  20. Ah these are Ace Kirsty, love them, and it's so lovely to see artists experiment and grow, fab! ( ooo that sounded a bit deep! wasn't intended to, as I sit here with a brew and a hob nob!!)