Monday 24 January 2011

Rusty nail chimney pots and a red boat

Hello everybody, I thought I'd keep you updated on my new makes from the last couple of days!

First off, these cottages I painted on a nice piece of Cornish driftwood. I thought I'd insert some old nails for chimneys too!

And then I got to thinking that it might look quite nice with a bit of bunting hanging above it!

I stamped the letters with blue ink onto grey card - then stitched the lot together on the machine - simple as you like!

Whaddya reckon? Someone must have liked it as it sold on Folksy within a few hours!
I made a driftwood boat this morning - the first in a while - using a great piece of ply with brilliant red paint on it. I love how the paint flakes in certain areas and the holes along the bottom - probably wouldn't float very well this one!

For a change I didn't use any washers on this one: the 'wheelhouse' already had a hole in it, and I wanted to make use of a fishing rod float that I'd found on the beach - at least that's what I think it is - the pink buoy above! Then I made a few more buoys from polystyrene balls. The rings are
further beach finds - I am getting over my plastic phobia!!

Available in my shop now
Finally, I thought I'd share this with you....

Steve decided to get the boys' old cot down from the loft: we've converted it into a little daybed and put it in our bedroom - sweet, huh? The gorgoeous crochet garland is by Emma Lamb....

...and this lovely romantic cushion cover is by Betsy Jarvis. I bought it for Steve for Christmas, but bottled out of giving it to him in front of everyone as I thought it a bit slushy - and that's not me at all!


  1. i could quite easily sit here a life time looking at your sweet drift wood boats!
    i love them! truly madly deeply! hehe ;0)x

  2. we have a cot very similar to this and used it as a wee sofa after our babies grew out it. We have no where for it in our present home, however when we move to the Black Isle in the summer, I will be making space for it again. It's the original 'flat pack' or fold flat furniture, only Victorian and beautiful!

  3. Sweet little houses, I love them and the bunting.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  4. I love your makes - they remind me so much of Cornish summer holidays.

  5. I definitely need one of your lovely boats in my life... I will start saving and try and clear a spot to put one :) x

  6. Your makes are amazing - you have such a good eye fora design!

  7. I totally understand why your cottage was a sold out!Simply wonderful!
    The cot also looks amazing!
    I like bringing life into old things, myself.
    Keep on!

  8. Wow a couple of hours - the bunting is a great little touch.

    .....I love your cushion.

  9. Evening. Very productive I must say. Puts me to shame. I am very pleased you have got over your plastic phobia- all those bits of flotsam and jetsam need to be reused or they'll make the beaches look grubby. Thank you for tidying up Cornwall so well! Ax

  10. hiya-
    I was clearing out the cupboard in the utility room and found a bag of about 20 paintbrush handle "fishes" I'd put there for you!
    Do you still want them- they're mainly resin ones, not wood.
    If so, just send me your address and I'll pop them in the post, and if problem

  11. Oh I love everything in this post! I'm harbouring a dream of buying a bit of something from you for the salon. I'm planning to have a summer look and a winter look so that my clients don't get bored. I'm thinking one of your pieces would be lovely for the summer look... Eeeekkkk! xxxx

  12. I love your creations Kirsty. They have a way of making one feel very welcome and at home.

  13. You are quite possibly the most inventive person ever!!
    I love all your creations and that cot into a daybed is an amazing idea, you and your hubby are so clever!!

    Micki x

  14. Lovely creative gorgeous items all our crafts, bring out the true joy and love in our homes, and yours reflect that beautifully.
    Lynn xxx